Abadía de San Quirce 6 Meses

Abadía de San Quirce 6 Meses

Youth and balance at their best, for a generous wine with an elegant palate that invites you to toast and celebrate!

Younger vineyards with a pronounced freshness and fruit load to make a young yet well-structured wine.

The wine that allows us to delve into wine culture, learn and enjoy a history going back hundreds of years.

Perfect for all occasions and palates, with fantastic quality and presence.

Tasting Notes

Tasting notes

NOSE. Direct, well defined and well put together in the nose. With a great fruit-barrel balance in a combination favoured by the passage of time. Net base of well-ripened red fruit, tones of wild fruit, lowland (Mediterranean forest, balsamic), minerals (iron) and discreet spicy notes of ageing.

MOUTH. Excellent in the mouth, medium body, fleshy centre, round tannins, well-aged in the bottle. Sufficient acidity to give freshness and sparkle. Fleshy centre, tasty, frank and direct in aromas in the mouth, with fruity predominance and notes of ageing, good finish.

GASTRONOMY. Friendly and versatile, suitable for a wide range of dishes. A good wine for the bar, with tapas (tortillas, croquettes, bacon, cured meats) and also for the table. Good companion for roasted, fried or gently stewed poultry, simple meats, grilled Iberian pork, stuffed eggs, pasta dishes, pizzas and simple rice dishes, also with mild-flavoured stews and legumes.


Abadía de San Quirce 6 Meses Barrica

90 pts Guía Proensa

Abadía de San Quirce 6 Meses Barrica

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Abadía de San Quirce 6 Meses Barrica

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