The art of winemaking: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels, a careful malolactic fermentation in barrels. The exquisite transformation of grapes into wine.

The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless-steel vats. A small part of the grapes, specially selected, ferments in French oak barrels, of 900 liters.

Once the grapes are on the vats, after the crusher de-stemmer, takes place a cold maceration during 3-5 days, at 4-6º C, in order to extract more anthocyanins and aromatic precursors.

After these days, the temperature rises naturally and starts the alcoholic fermentation that transforms the sugar of the grapes into alcohol. The juice is pumped over three times a day to keep the cap wet and in contact with the skins. When the alcoholic fermentation is finished, begins maceration during 7-15 days.


Fermentation in oak barrels

After the maceration, the wine is run off the skins into barrels, and the skins are removed from the vat and soft pressed.

Then starts the malolactic fermentation that takes place in oak barrels. The duration depends of the content of malic acid that has the grapes each year.