Shipping costs

One of the main objectives of our online store is the delivery of our products in optimal conditions, within the shortest possible time and maintaining low costs for our customers.

For this, shipments from our store are made with Tourline Express who guarantees delivery in a maximum of 48/72 hours from shipment from our warehouse.


Free shipping for all shipments whose total cost is more than €100 (tax included)

For shipments costing less than €100, the following rates will apply:

from 0 a 2 Kg 4’50 €
De 2 a 5 Kg 5’40 €
from 5 a 10 Kg 5’70 €
from 10 a 15 Kg 7’35 €
from 15 a 20 Kg 9’65 €
from 20 a 30 Kg 13’50 €
from 30 a 40 Kg 17’40 €
from 40 a 50 Kg 21’20 €


If when you receive your order you notice that the package or packages show signs of breakage, knocks or any other detail that makes you suspect that the merchandise may have been damaged in transport, please inform the delivery person and leave a note on the receipt note.

If when you open your order you find a broken or defective product, contact our customer service as soon as possible, detailing the problem. Our staff will resolve the incident in the shortest possible time.